July 13th, 2017

SC Productions have been fortunate enough to be part of the delivery team for the National Museum Cardiff – Dino on the Loose project which is part of the Dinosaur Babies Exhibition that was launched in the museum end of May.

It all began with strange happenings occurring in the City Centre with the discovery of a giant dino poo and a smashed statue on Queen Street. Shoppers we’re left bewildered until the Professor and her assistant from the Palaeontology Department at the Museum came to investigate and explain all.

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This was followed by a shop window being smashed and dino footprints found outside the museum.

Again passers-by were left confused at what was causing this chaos, therefore the Museum issued a press release https://museum.wales/news/?article_id=1052



Following a successful launch of the Dino Babies Exhibition, giant, razor sharp dinosaur claws were spotted on top of National Museum Cardiff in the civic centre on Friday, 30 June 2017. It seems that the Dinosaur has broken out of the museum and is off on a new adventure.


There have been sightings of him at the Big Pit……….


At St Fagans…..



And Llanberis Slate Museum……




Specialist Models, Cardiff based company have responsible for creating these amazing sculptures which will be in place until early September 2017. Get yourself down to the museums, well worth a visit.

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